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Providing offshore helicopter specific aviation services to both operators and oil companies. Founded in 2011, Aviton fulfils the growing need for an organisation to easily gain experienced and cross disciplined expertise for all their aviation solutions.

About Us

Aviton was founded in 2011 to meet the growing demand for an organization that provides easy access to cross-disciplinary expertise for aviation solutions. Our team comprises of independent Aviation Advisors, who are industry leaders from esteemed companies such as CHC, Bristow, and the Greenwich AeroGroup. With extensive experience in offshore passenger and cargo transportation in the Oil & Gas Industry across global operations, our personnel have been delivering specialized aviation services for offshore helicopters to both operators and their clients for over a decade.

What Makes Us Special


Aviton comprises a team of independent Aviation Advisors with extensive experience in the aviation industry, especially in offshore passenger and cargo transportation in the Oil & Gas sector.


Aviton's team of Aviation Advisors come from industry leaders such as CHC, Bristow, and the Greenwich AeroGroup, providing access to diverse and cross-disciplinary expertise.

Focus on safety

Safety is a top priority for Aviton. The company ensures compliance with the highest safety standards to minimize risks and provide a secure aviation experience.

Choose Aviton for reliable, efficient, and innovative aviation services.
Our Mission

Aviton's mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality aviation services and solutions. We are committed to safety, excellence, and innovation. We will work tirelessly to exceed our clients' expectations and to be the aviation industry's trusted partner. We will build trust and foster strong and healthy partnerships by being honest, transparent, and reliable. We will always put our clients' needs first and will work to develop solutions that meet their unique requirements.

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Why choose Us

Our considerable experience in the industry means we have expertise which spans all the internal departments of the operators as well as a deep knowledge of industry guidelines and both local and international regulations. We are cognisant that in our industry things are always changing and we are constantly adapting, improving and remaining up to date.


Our team's extensive aviation industry experience includes expertise, with in-depth knowledge of industry guidelines and regulations. We provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


Passionate about quality support. Timely, accurate services by knowledgeable consultants. Building strong client relationships and exceeding expectation.

Team of experts

Our team of experienced consultants has first-hand knowledge of the aviation industry and deep expertise across all internal departments of operators. We provide bespoke solutions to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Operational Excellence

Our experienced consultants have held senior positions with global leaders in the industry. We provide aviation services tailored to the specific needs of reputable oil and gas companies worldwide.


We adapt to industry changes and remain up-to-date to better serve our clients. Our agility and responsiveness allow us to meet our clients' needs efficiently.


Aviton constantly seeks innovative solutions, staying up-to-date with industry changes and using the latest technology to improve services. We strive to exceed client expectations and find new ways to serve them.